Coulter's Smithing Home

We like to hear from folks, other amateur scientists, kludgers, musicians, programmers, and of course, people with money who want to obtain our services. Here are a couple of ways of getting hold of us. The email addresses and phone number are pictures, which is why you can't just cut and paste them. Sorry, but if we make it too easy, the spam robots can do it too. We prefer humans, anyway.

The chat address is: email address

The customer address is: email address

and the phone number is: email address

Please only call the phone number during business hours EST. This number also rings in Doug's bedroom.

Our snail mail is:

297 Reed Hill Rd NW
Floyd, VA 24091

You can use C-Lab, Coulter's Smithing, or Doug as the recipient. Actually you could probably just write "Doug, 24091" and it would get here. It's a small town.

What is this "we" stuff, kemosabe? Well, Doug C wrote these pages, but didn't want to take all the credit (or blame) for things he didn't do all by himself, which is quite a lot of what's depicted here. C-Lab, and now Coulter's Smithing, consists of Doug, a few other guys, and a fairly large network of people we can call on for expertise we don't have already. If I can get permission from everyone, I'll post pix of the other fellows too. They certainly deserve credit.