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Our parent company, C-Lab, has branched, and this is the result! Here, we do general machining, fabrication, anodizing, powder coating, electroplating, chemistry, physics, knife and gunsmithing, and generally fun stuff other than pushing bits around.

Picture of the new shop building. This is the new building for doing physical, rather than informational things. It nicely shades (and hides!) the mobile home where all the computer programming and hardware engineering is done. To make a long story short, our electronics and mechanical fab "kitchen" was overflowing into our programming living room. Something had to be done. Of course, the interesting part isn't here on the outside, except perhaps for the solar array on the roof, or the 20 hp Hobart welder under the awning which is also the #2 backup generator. Not visible in this picture is the smallish coal forge we sometimes do real blacksmithing with. We had this 1024 sq ft building built for us by Classic Manor Builders, who can be contacted through the Home Depot. We think they did a very good job, especially for the money. This 16 by 32 foot 2 story building cost $16,374, or about $16/square foot. Of course, total cost was somewhat more, as what they do is simply erect a nice shell for you, and they do it very quickly once they get going. You do the painting and other finishing. We hired local folks (Floyd harbors the very best good 'ol boy rednecks on earth, and proud of it, too!) to do much of the finishing work, as we were busy on a good paying programming job at the time. OK, the guys with the bucket truck got one of the panel racks a little crooked, but at least they didn't drop any of them or get hurt themselves. We eschew television here which is one reason we get so much accomplished, that dish on the side is for a now–defunct internet satellite uplink. You can see the shadow of a magnificent oak tree on the building. We refuse to cut it down even though it shades the solar panels a little around the winter solstice – we can tolerate a little loss for the sake of beauty. It provides a very nice shady place to hang out and picnic in the warmer three seasons. We don't have a sign, yet, as none is needed. In this small town, everyone just knows, and they ignore the open/closed sign anyway. We may build a fancy one and put it up for grins, though.

See the links below to the more–interesting stuff inside, and some cool projects.

Getting it built. Pictures and comments on the building process.

Tooling up economically. Just how did we do this without spending a fortune? Well, follow the link!

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